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Auto Accident Attorney Kent WA

Automobile Collisions

Every year more than 250 million vehicle travels an estimated 4.7 trillion mile across America's networks of highway, street, and roadway. There is approximately 210 million peoples cruising on the city streets, highways, and country roads each day. Automobile collisions are commonplace totaling more than 10.8 million collisions happening in the United States each year, where 2.2 million individuals suffered wounds and created almost 36,000 fatalities. Using these figures, one would likely be in one or more automobile collisions during one's lifetime.

Although a number of automobile caused fatalities in the United States has dropped over 27% since 2005, fatalities created by negligent vehicle operators is on a rise. A number of fatalities in the United States involving vehicle operator diversion has risen from 2005's 10% to 2009's 26%. The percentage continues to rise. Examples are vehicle operators "multitasking" while driving, like texting and talking on the phone, having lunch, tending to crying babies, or quickly doing make-up. truth is, we have all "multitasked" behind the wheel at least once. We also know that distracted driving has serious and even fatal consequences causing vehicle operators and their passengers to get financially devastated, seriously injured, and permanently disabled.

Automobile Collision Figures

  • A person passes away in a car collision in the United States each 13 minutes - 115 fatalities every day.
  • More than 1.2 million fatalities each year worldwide.
  • Automobile collisions are a leading reason of American death under age 34.
  • In 2009, 492 traffic fatalities occurred in the state of Washington - almost half was speed-related.
  • Alcohol is related to over 17,000 car collision fatalities in the United States each year - totaling to 1 fatality each 31 minutes.
  • One individual is wounded in a driving under the influence of alcohol collision in the United States each 2 minutes.
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol results in 39% of all fatal collisions and 7% in every crash in the United States
  • Alcohol caused fatalities in Washington State is 10% more than the United States average.
  • Exhausted vehicle operators cause approximately 100,000 car collisions and 1,550 fatalities in the United States each year.
  • Damages from automobile collisions add up to be $150 billion per year.

What One Should Do After a Collision

One whom has been wounded in an automobile collision, even if injuries are not fatal, needs to contact any trustworthy lawyer specializing in personal injury right after one:
  • Obtains punctual medical attention to all wounded parties. If an injury requires emergency care, notify an ambulance to transport the injured to the nearby hospital. If injury is not as severe, see a care center or make an appointment to a regular doctor right after one leave the collision scene. Some automobile collision wounds, often fatal ones, will not appear right away, particularly after one's body has gone through trauma. Therefore it is vital to be looked over by a medical professional immediately.
  • Notify the police to file an report of automobile collision. A report of police collision will file facts of the collision and will be important to determine the party at fault.
  • Gather evidence at one's collision scene. All parties involved in car collisions are required through law to give one another contact information as well as coverage data. One should take photographs of damage towards all vehicles and create a list of names as well as telephone number of all witnesses.
  • Report one's collision to one's office of coverage claims. Do not present recorded statements towards any coverage company representative concerning the car collision unless a lawyer is present. Data one gives the coverage company may be disadvantageous to one's case. The coverage company do not side with injured claimants. Giving them information may allow them to use and manipulate that evidence in order to deny one's claim.
Do not rely on one's coverage company, or any coverage company, to guard one's interests. All coverage companies have investigators, adjusters, and lawyers to work on automobile collision claims. The primary objective is to minimize the sum of reimbursement its coverage company will give to automobile collision victims like you.

Is a Lawyer Needed?

If one has severe wounds, one should consult with a lawyer. If the injuries are miniscule, it might not be as essential to have a lawyer on the case. Just in case, ask for a lawyer's free consultation. Some services offered by a lawyer specializing in personal injury include:
  • Assisting you in receiving medical care needed as well as overseeing the treatment.
  • Conducting all communication with coverage companies of all vehicle operators involved.
  • If needed, immediately investigate in order to locate witnesses with the intention of preserving relevant evidence prior to evidence being lost and/or altered.
  • Find all potential recovery sources to compensate one for one's losses.
  • Gather all wage loss data, medical records, and all other documentations in order to support injury claims.
  • Negotiate with coverage company representative of all parties for a fair claim settlement.
  • Skillfully navigates one's case into the court system's complexities.
  • Provides legal bases necessary for one's claims as well as quantifies damages one is entitled.
  • Aggressively protects one's interests, and assures all filing deadlines are met.
  • Answers all questions one may have and relieves one from the burdens of dealing with consequences of collisions alone.

If one has been wounded in a collision someone might owe money.

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